Marketing services on multilingual websites

Marketing services on multilingual websites

SEO” has become a familiar term, but the hurdle rises when it comes to foreign-language SEO. There are also various methods depending on whether you are targeting inbound or outbound demand. We will listen to our clients and propose the best plan.


SEO for Multilingual Websites

What is SEO?

Simply put, it is to try to get a higher position in Google searches.

In the past, there were ways to “trick” Google, such as purchasing paid links (to make it look as if your site is valued by others), word salad (to include words completely unrelated to the article or company to make it easier to be found in searches), etc.

However, these days, such “cheating” will most likely result in a penalty from Google and a reduction in search rankings.

Rather, the articles and structure are easy to understand and read for both humans and programs, and pages that are light on data to be displayed are highly valued.

For foreign language SEO-friendly websites

It is recommended that URLs be separated by language (e.g., or using a subdirectory system).

According to current Google search rules, using a ccTLD (country code top-level domain), such as jp for Japan or kr for Korea, ties the content to that country or region.

In other words, if you put English content on your site, Google will interpret it as “information for English speakers living in Japan.

When “I want my accommodation to be used by foreigners living abroad,” it is often difficult for information to reach them with XXjp/en. It is necessary to consider what kind of domain to use, starting with the domain strategy.

Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible. It is possible to reach people in the U.S. and Europe with content by utilizing social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter, but it is difficult to do so using SEO techniques.

About Our Services

Our goal is to make your business or service known to as many people as possible. As a means to achieve this, we focus on attracting more customers to your “website” and propose and implement measures in line with the latest search engine trends.

However, our goal is not merely to achieve higher rankings, but to execute planning for the maximum benefit of our clients. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to website renewal alone, but also offer a variety of plans to attract customers using SNS and other PR to boost your business.

Services and Fees

Multilingual Website Marketing Package Includes


Research on the customer's website and surrounding environment


Post-renewal statistical reports, maintenance and corrections as needed


Design and propose the best plan based on research

renovation work

Reorganized page structure based on the latest SEO information

The cost will vary depending on the number of pages and languages.

Cost Perception of Multilingual Website Marketing Packages

Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese
Estimated number of pages 30
(10 pages x 3 languages)
From 300,000 yen/month
Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese
Estimated number of pages 50
(10 pages x 5 languages)
From 400,000 yen/month

Consumption tax will be charged separately.
In order to achieve results through the PDCA cycle, we ask for a contract period of at least 6 months in principle.

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The cost of creating and translating a multilingual website varies greatly depending on the content, the number of words in the original text, or the target language and its number. We would be happy to have an opportunity to discuss this with you. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry banner below. If necessary, we will be happy to arrange a meeting using a web conferencing system such as Zoom.

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Multilingual Web SitePlanning, creation and operational support

Transmitting information in multiple languages has changed from an era in which “it is convenient to do so” to one in which “not doing so will lead to great loss.
The following are the advantages of entrusting Atglobal with the planning, production, and operation of your multilingual website.


Multilingual WebsiteMarketing Support

SEO” has become a familiar term, but the hurdle rises when it comes to foreign-language SEO. There are also various methods depending on whether you are targeting inbound or outbound demand. We will listen to our clients and propose the best plan.


Multilingual SNS Operation Support

SNS is no longer indispensable for customers to choose your company’s products and services and to communicate with you. However, there are risk factors such as “flame wars” that require careful attention when operating social networking services. Please use our services to ensure the “safety” of your SNS operations, especially in foreign languages.


multilingual InternetAdvertising Agency Services

Effective promotion of your products and services through Internet advertising is essential for business growth. Atglobal can help you with Google ads and other social networking services.

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