Translation Services Experience

Translation Services Experience

Marketing (English-Japanese)

Marketing content and copy for major global companies in various fields such as social networking, IT, food delivery services, e-commerce, etc.
We specialize in marketing projects.
We not only have in-house translators who specialize in marketing projects, but also utilize the appealing writing skills of our digital marketing writers and the research skills of our research researchers. (We have been handling projects for several major overseas global SNS and IT companies for more than 10 years on an annual basis.)

Video (Japanese → English CJK)

Subtitles and YouTube videos for software-related, training courses, business-related e-learning, etc.

News articles (English/Japanese)

English translations of news articles and English summaries for foreigners are distributed daily on a yearly basis.

AI Data Training (Japanese, English)

Data preparation and quality control to improve the accuracy of AI’s machine learning

Software (English-Japanese and Japanese-English)

We have worked with several major global IT companies on an ongoing basis on software manuals on an annual basis.

Hardware & Machinery (English-Japanese, Japanese to English-Chinese-Korean)

Product catalogs, technical materials, product manuals, pamphlets, press releases, and internal training materials

Tourism (English-Japanese, Japanese to English-Chinese-Korean)

Tour brochures, websites, web magazines, travel guides, guidebooks, sightseeing videos, sightseeing maps

Administration (Japanese to English, Chinese, Korean, other, Southeast Asian languages)

Foreign laws and regulations, ministry reports, pamphlets for foreigners, websites, ministry materials, disaster prevention materials, employment manuals for foreigners, convenient living books for foreigners

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices (Japanese → English, Chinese, Korean)

Drug catalogs, medical device manuals, drug application materials, medical papers, medical society websites, treatment guidelines

Finance (Japanese → English, Chinese, Korean)

Deposit policies, contracts, securities company internal documents, securities reports, internal documents, financial reports and financial statements

Voice recording (Japanese to English, CJK)

How to use the expense application application, videos explaining pharmaceuticals, and business e-learning