Global Business Support Services

Global Business Support Services

Global Business Support Services

Atglobal has over 20 years of experience in foreign language support, and has worked and collaborated with numerous industries, fields, languages, countries, and companies. 2,200+ translators and 200+ researchers, many of whom reside overseas. With our extensive foreign language support experience and network, we can effectively support your business.

CQ for your business.

In a monocultural environment, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) are the most powerful tools to deal with situations smoothly. In a culturally diverse environment, however, not only IQ and EQ, but also CQ (Cultural Intelligence Quotient), which is the ability to smoothly respond to cross-cultural situations, is necessary. This is also called the “Cultural Intelligence Quotient” or “Cross-Cultural Adaptability.

Atglobal is for true communication across languages and cultures,

We can help you implement CQ into your business!

CQ BusinessTM

Translation with CQ skills

CQ TranslationTM

Research using CQ skills

CQ BusinessTM Research

We provide in-house training to train your staff in the core skills required for global business. In particular, we contribute to the success of your company’s global business by providing training in Cross-Cultural Quality (CQ), which is needed more than language skills.

CQ businessTM Training

Curriculums such as “CQ BusinessTM Training” to improve cross-cultural communication skills and “CQ TranslationTM Training” for translation skills training for global projects are now being offered.

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    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing services provided by a professional language translation company. We provide marketing services in multiple languages that are appropriate and stick in the mind of the target foreigner, while keeping the characteristics and background of the target audience in mind.


    Multilingual WebsitePlanning, production and operation support

    Transmitting information in multiple languages has changed from an era in which “it is convenient to do so” to one in which “not doing so will lead to great loss.
    The following are the advantages of entrusting Atglobal with the planning, production, and operation of your multilingual website.


    Multilingual WebsiteMarketing Support

    SEO” has become a familiar term, but the hurdle rises when it comes to foreign-language SEO. There are also various methods depending on whether you are targeting inbound or outbound demand. We will listen to our clients and propose the best plan.


    Multilingual SNS Operation Support

    SNS is no longer indispensable for customers to choose your company’s products and services and to communicate with you. However, there are risk factors such as “flame wars” that require careful attention when operating social networking services. Please use our services to ensure the “safety” of your SNS operations, especially in foreign languages.


    multilingual InternetAdvertising Agency Services

    Effective promotion of your products and services through Internet advertising is essential for business growth. Atglobal can help you with Google ads and other social networking services.

    Inbound Consulting Services

    However, many people are not fully aware of the attractions of these resources, perhaps because they are too common in the region, or because they are wondering how to promote them so that more foreigners will know about them. Many people in charge of promotion are not fully aware of the region’s attractiveness and are wondering how to promote it to more foreigners.

    Atglobal has accumulated know-how on how to effectively promote local attractions to foreign visitors to Japan through many years of experience in providing foreign language services and through collaboration with many people involved in tourism-related work throughout Japan. We offer free consultation on your problems and basic consulting services.


    General inbound consulting

    We provide consultation services related to all aspects of inbound tourism, such as “I want to attract foreign tourists to my town or region, but I don’t know where to start,” “I am wondering what improvements I can make to increase foreign tourists’ satisfaction,” and “I want to know what unique inbound tourism measures other regions are implementing. We provide consultation services related to all aspects of inbound tourism.


    For inboundPromotional Consulting

    We provide marketing and promotion-related consultation services, such as “I don’t know how to let foreigners know about my town or region,” “I hear that websites and SNS are effective, but I want to know which method to use and how effective it is,” “I want to know roughly how much the initial cost and running cost are,” etc. We provide consultation services related to marketing and promotion.


    Inbound Multilingual SupportConsulting

    We are also able to provide consultation services for clients who are interested in translating their websites and pamphlets, but do not know what kind of translation is necessary, These are mainly related to multilingual support.


    Inbound Risk ManagementConsulting

    We provide consultation services related to risk management, such as “I am concerned about how to protect the lives of my foreign customers in the event of a disaster or accident,” and “I want to know how to entertain foreigners with different religions, cultures, and customs, such as Muslims and vegetarians.