The Path Forward for Atglobal

At Global's Way Forward and Code of Conduct

The Path Forward for Atglobal

Since its establishment in 2002, atGlobal Inc. has served numerous clients as a professional translation service provider. Our clients expect their translations to be natural and appealing, and to reflect the full content and intent of the original text in the translated language.

In addition, our corporate clients want to use the translated documents to inform their customers, both international and domestic, about their services and products, to encourage them to buy and use them, and even to become fans.

To further meet the expectations and objectives of our clients, at Global, in addition to our translation services, we also provide promotional and marketing assistance to people overseas and in Japan, as well as support for improving international communication skills. We will continue to develop into a company that can support the “improvement of communication skills”.

Specifically, in 2012, we launched our Global Research Division and began providing domestic/overseas research services to private companies and government agencies that are mainly oriented toward overseas expansion, and in 2017, we began providing operational support for owned media and digital marketing utilizing SEO and SNS. We have accumulated know-how in digital marketing utilizing SEO and SNS. We are now providing services as “Foreign Language Support Professionals at Global”. In addition, we are promoting four additional services: translation, global research, digital marketing (website improvement, SNS branding, owned media management), and inbound global business consulting.

The foreign language support industry is like a crossroads. Just like a scramble intersection where people from all walks of life are constantly coming and going, a wide variety of services, fields, cultures, and languages pass through our industry.

We hope to be a trustworthy guide who stands at these “crossroads” and helps our clients to go about their core business without any worries. Specifically, we always keep the following “Mission,” “Vision,” “Values,” and “Purpose” in mind as we strive to help our clients achieve their business goals.


ーAtglobal's Purpose of Existenceー

To improve the quality of communication in the world and contribute to the creation of a future full of mutual respect and trust


ーWhat we want to achieveー

More connections between the world and Japan, cities and regions, companies and consumers, and more smiles in the world


ーWhat you should doー

・To be the one who knows the customer best

・To be the one who captures the insights of consumers and makes proposals

・To truly support the realization of our clients’ business goals


ーValues to be cherished and sharedー


  • We must be “professionals”, not “amateurs”, as we engage in our work for a fee.

  • We must have a “sense of gratitude” and a “sense of responsibility” for our work, and we must engage in our work with a “high awareness” and a “strong will” to provide the “best quality”.

  • We must continue to improve our language skills, expertise, management skills, and consulting skills, and strive to be regarded as “professionals” by our clients.


  • We must have a sense of ownership as if we were a member of the client’s development or production team, wish together for the client’s business success, and provide services as an expression of that feeling.

  • Work with a sincere “sense of enjoyment”. While refraining from excessive service, we must not be satisfied with simply doing what we are told to do as we are told, but must actively engage in our work by demonstrating a “giving with pleasure” spirit.

  • Aim to play the role of a “coach” for your client’s business. The word “coach” comes from the word “carriage.” We must take pleasure in delivering our customers to their destinations in the shortest distance, safely and comfortably.