Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Global IT Company Product Manager

I think the quality requirements for our products are quite high, but the quality of Atglobal is very good. In our regular meetings, I feel that the professionalism of the staff in the team is very high and there is no room for compromise. I would like to entrust as much work as possible to them, but I understand that we cannot increase the number of excellent translators at once. I hope that you will continue to strive to expand your capacity.

Major foreign-affiliated translation company

While there are many translation tasks with extremely high quality requirements, mainly for major IT companies, we have always been able to achieve stable output by working with Atglobal’s solid team structure, and we have great confidence in them. In particular, I feel that their quality control methods are very good. I would like to ask if Atglobal could send a reviewer to our company to train our linguists.

Software company (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange), General Manager of Corporate Planning Office

When we consulted with them about our translation needs, they immediately came to meet with us and carefully explained the translation workflow and quality control methods, which gave us a very positive impression. We were very impressed with the translation and were satisfied with the output that fully met our needs. Accuracy and readability are important for documents intended for investors, but the translation companies we have dealt with in the past have not been able to eliminate careless mistakes. I look forward to working with Atglobal again in the future.

Production company (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) Leader

We have been working with Atglobal for a long time. They are strong not only in English but also in other Asian languages, and by working with them, we are able to supplement our weak areas. We look forward to working with them for many years to come, not only for translation but also as a partner in all aspects of production.

Production Team Manager, Manufacturing Company (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

You have always provided us with stable translation quality and capacity, which is very helpful. It’s amazing that you are able to provide this level of performance with a telework-based team. We have tried teleworking in the past, but it didn’t go ahead in the end due to the difficulty of training PMs and handling complaints. I hope you will continue to help us with your light footwork.

Production Company Team Leader

I feel that your PMs are friendly and easy to talk to. Just the other day, we hit it off about the management and operation of Chinese translation, and discussed the difficulties involved. I consider you to be a valuable partner with whom I can share such invisible hardships. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Project Manager, Production Company

We are very grateful for their flexible and positive approach even when we have a large volume of work with a tight deadline. I am sure that such cases will come up often in the future, so please let us continue consulting with you.

Planner, marketing company

I am always encouraged by Atglobal’s proactive efforts, such as the use of its overseas network and translations that move the hearts of native speakers, such as with transcreation. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future for appealing marketing-related work.

Production Manager, major translation company

I have been working with Atglobal for more than 10 years now, and I am fully satisfied with their quality and response. I feel that Atglobal’s systematic approach to proper quality control shines through, rather than its “cheap or bad” nature. In addition to translation, Atglobal has also helped us with overseas market research. We hope to continue to aim for coexistence and co-prosperity as partners in foreign language support.

Production Company Manager

In particular, I fully trust them with Asian languages. They are very generous in providing us with information on the characteristics of each language and how to deal with them. One of the companies we do business with is looking for a partner for Asian language translation, so I will introduce them to Atglobal as well.