Marketing Services for Vietnam

Marketing Services for Vietnam


Marketing Services for Vietnam

With a population approaching 100 million, Vietnam is one of the most promising markets in Asia, and with a GDP growth rate of 7% per year, the country is experiencing remarkable economic development. This is very advantageous for marketing and branding.

We are committed to Vietnam

Atglobal has been paying special attention to Vietnam since 2015. In addition to translations, we also provide market research, marketing projects, and entry support in Vietnam.

In addition, we are developing ” WAppuri “, a Japanese information media for Vietnamese people, and are making every effort to be a bridge between Japan and Vietnam.

About Digital Marketing

SNS usage in Vietnam

The number of social media users in Vietnam is very high, with 72 million people (73.7% of the population as of January 2021) out of a population of 97.75 million, an increase of 7 million people (10.8%) from the previous year. The most popular social networking service is YouTube with 92% share, Facebook with 91.7% share, and Zalo, Vietnam’s national software, with 91.7% share, and Zalo in third place.

Atglobal provides planning, management and advertising services for all of these social networking sites.


What is the Zalo messaging application?

The penetration rate of Zalo, the national messaging application, is extremely high in Vietnam, and its payment, lodging reservation, and shopping functions have become indispensable in the lives of Vietnamese people.

Atglobal will provide one-stop service from acquisition of Zalo’s official account to operation and advertisement placement to help your business succeed in Vietnam.

We also produce and operate websites and Facebook pages in Vietnamese.

Services and Fees

Vietnam SNS operation service package includes

Posting Service

Roughly 4 submissions per month
(Please prepare the content of your submission. Atglobal will bear the cost of translation and creation of accompanying banners, etc.)

response service

Responding to questions and comments sent to customers' social networking sites


Creation of analytical reports (once a month) on access numbers, etc.

overlap (of a coat, etc.)

Communication through ZOOM meetings (once a month)
The amount charged may vary depending on the language, social networking service, number of submissions, and content of the project.

Vietnam SNS Operation Service Package Cost

YouTube, Facebook, Zalo

Initial account opening fee: 150,000 yen and up
From 100,000 yen/month

Amounts do not include tax.
The initial fee includes the cost of setting up the account and creating the page in the foreign language concerned.
In principle, we ask for a contract period of at least 6 months.

Other Services and Inquiries for Vietnam

Fees vary greatly depending on the promotion method. We would be happy to have a hearing with you so that we can make a proposal in line with your maximum benefit. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry banner below.

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Multilingual Web SitePlanning, creation and operational support

Transmitting information in multiple languages has changed from an era in which “it is convenient to do so” to one in which “not doing so will lead to great loss.
The following are the advantages of entrusting Atglobal with the planning, production, and operation of your multilingual website.


Multilingual WebsiteMarketing Support

SEO” has become a familiar term, but the hurdle rises when it comes to foreign-language SEO. There are also various methods depending on whether you are targeting inbound or outbound demand. We will listen to our clients and propose the best plan.


Multilingual SNS Operation Support

SNS is no longer indispensable for customers to choose your company’s products and services and to communicate with you. However, there are risk factors such as “flame wars” that require careful attention when operating social networking services. Please use our services to ensure the “safety” of your SNS operations, especially in foreign languages.


multilingual InternetAdvertising Agency Services

Effective promotion of your products and services through Internet advertising is essential for business growth. Atglobal can help you with Google ads and other social networking services.

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