Legal Research

Legal Research


This is a service that thoroughly researches the laws that you are required to comply with when expanding your products and services overseas.

Before you can actually sell your services or products abroad, you must research local laws and develop them in a manner that complies with those laws.

For example, a product that is not considered a “medical device” in Japan may be certified as a “medical device” overseas, and compliance with medical-related laws that are not required in Japan may be necessary. In addition, there may be various legal barriers to exporting products from Japan or selling them through cross-border EC, such as the need to own a legal entity in the country, the requirement for a sales and distribution license unique to that country, or the fact that the sale of the product in question is regulated by international treaties. The following is a list of legal barriers to the sale of EC products in the United States.

Legal research is a service that thoroughly researches and reports on such relevant laws and regulations. Generally, this type of research falls under the “qualitative research” category, and we gather information through “desk research,” “interview research,” and in some cases, “on-site research.


Qualitative Research

This is a survey that gathers and reports information on a research topic through various methods such as literature, the Internet, interviews, and visits.


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We can also customize our survey methodology to meet your research needs and objectives.