Optional Services

Optional Services

In addition to the services described in Standard Quality and Standard Process, Atglobal offers a variety of optional services to enhance the appeal and design of your translation. For more information, please see the following

Optional Services

Rewrite and Refinement of Original Document

We rewrite your original Japanese manuscript and brush it up to make it more appealing to Japanese readers. If you are planning to translate your manuscript into multiple languages, we can also rewrite the original manuscript for translation. Depending on the content of the original document, rewriting may make a significant contribution to the consistency and quality of the translated text.

Please contact us via the “Inquiry Form” for more information about rewriting or brushing up your original manuscript.


This is a service in which we review and propose multiple catchphrases for your products and services. When translating a catchphrase for a Japanese product or service into a foreign language, we go beyond mere translation to consider and propose a catchphrase that will appeal to the target foreign audience.

For more information about our copywriting services, please contact us through the “Contact Us” form.


This term was coined by combining the words “translation” and “creation,” meaning “creation.” It refers to the process of adding appropriate “meaning” to an accurate translation to add appeal and impact to the translated text. At atGlobal, we have extensive experience in transcreation, mainly in the field of marketing.

For more information about our transcreation services, please contact us using the “Translation Estimate Form”.

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

This work involves devising designs and layouts for text, photographs, illustrations, etc., and creating beautifully laid-out data on a computer using DTP software. At Global, we specialize in planning and producing brochures, leaflets, etc., after careful consultation with our clients, and in converting clients’ data into foreign languages and adjusting the design and layout, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and other DTP software.

For more information, please see our “DTP Services” page.

For more information about our DTP services, please contact us using the Translation Estimate Form.

Printing and Binding

We will print and bind the data according to your request and deliver it by courier service. We can also deliver pamphlets and other materials for use at exhibitions to a specified location and at a specified date and time.

For more information about printing and binding, please contact us using the “Translation Estimate Form”.


For example, there are many manufacturers who develop and sell a large number of products through multiple divisions, and in many cases, each division creates and translates its own manuals. In such cases, mutual use of manuals across departments can reduce costs and time, and Atglobal has the know-how to manage and produce such documents.

In addition, even when introducing the same item, the point of appeal will differ depending on the target country, region, or culture. Atglobal, we have the sense to work backwards from the reader to create the most appropriate source documents. We can start by providing consulting services related to the overall creation of foreign-language production materials.

For more information about our consulting services, please contact us through the “Contact Us” form.