Business Translation Services

Translation Services for Business Documents


Translation Services for Business Documents

We translate and localize a wide range of business-related materials, including presentation materials, internal newsletters, investor materials, legal and contract-related materials, financial and accounting materials, tourism-related materials, and websites.

Supported Services

Translation, proofreading, rewriting, native checking
Creation and transcreation of catchphrases in foreign languages
Creation and maintenance of glossaries
DTP, binding and printing in various languages
Creation and operation of websites in various languages
Legal checks in each language

Supported Fields

Business Documents

Business plans, presentation materials, business letters, company newsletters, company brochures, product catalogs, press releases, training-related materials, e-learning materials, etc.

Legal and Contracts

General contracts, license agreements, confidentiality agreements, agency agreements, claim letters, various certificates (family register, marriage certificate, graduation certificate, transcript), etc.

Various research papers

Medicine, chemistry, electricity, electronics, industry, the environment, education, energy, music, literature, etc.


Websites, tourist guidebooks, e-mail magazines, pamphlets, descriptions and narrations for hotels, theme parks, aquariums, etc.

Mass media

Overseas news reports, interviews, magazine articles, various data, movies, music, subcultures, videos, subtitles, game contents, etc.

Financial and accounting materials

Securities reports, investment reports, corporate analysis reports, financial statements, financial summaries, IR materials, accounting reports, audit reports, notices of convocation of general meetings of shareholders, minutes of general meetings of shareholders, minutes of board meetings, etc.

Attention to Detail

Work according to a standardized workflow from "hearing" before translation begins to "delivery
Select the right person for the job from a team of more than 2,200 translators and checkers
Full use of translation support tools (CAT tools) to streamline quality, cost, and delivery
Double-checking by translator and reviewer is the standard process. In addition to the human eye, we have a thorough checking system that makes full use of tools.
Solid after-sales service after delivery
Learn more about the five methods of quality assurance