German Translation

German Translation Service

For German translation, we assign the right translator to the right job, depending on the intended use of the translated text, the desired delivery, and the field and content of the document to be translated. We also propose the most appropriate schedule and procedure according to your desired delivery date. We are committed to providing professional and hospitable services that truly contribute to the realization of our clients’ business goals.

Regarding Translation Quality

Our professional native translators are well versed in the cultural and linguistic differences between Germany and Japan, and they translate your text into a natural and easy-to-read translation that accurately captures the meaning of the source text.

In addition, a skilled proofreader familiar with the target language will always double-check the translation to eliminate mistranslations, omissions, and misspellings, as well as rewrite the text to make it easier to read. For an optional fee, we also have extensive experience in the creation of more appealing text, including brush-ups, catchphrases, and transcreation.

Translations that take cultural differences into account

Brush-up text suggestions


Supported Language Directions for Translation

German ⇒ Japanese

Japanese ⇒ German

German ⇔ other languages

*Please feel free to inquire about the languages available for other languages⇔German.

Translation Price Guide

We provide high quality, high value-added translation services that are reasonable and cost-effective. Please refer to the standard unit price chart below for the approximate unit price for general technical documents. Quotations will be provided on a case-by-case basis depending on the difficulty and volume of the document to be translated.

Translation Price Guide for German ⇒ Japanese

German 1 word : 25 yen

Translation Price Guide for Japanese ⇒ German

Japanese 1 character : 22 yen

Unit is in Japanese yen and does not include tax.
The above is the standard unit price for “Standard Translation. Please refer to the “Price Plans” page for the quality conditions of Standard Translation.
For highly specialized fields such as legal, financial, IR, medical, marketing, etc., the unit price will be increased by 10-30%.
If the original text is less than 400 words or 800 characters, a minimum charge of 400 words or 800 characters will be applied.

Estimated Translation Speed and Examples of Related Charges

For example, when translating a 4,000-character Japanese document into German (2,000 German words into Japanese), the standard turnaround time is about 4 business days, depending on the difficulty of the text (1 translator and 1 checker are needed to maintain stable translation quality). If you wish to significantly shorten the standard turnaround time, we can work with multiple translators and checkers, but a surcharge will be added to account for the added load on the PM and checkers. Please refer to the table below for examples of fees. If you require a rush or express service, please check the “Rush” box on the Quotation Form and enter your desired delivery date in the “Special Notes” section.

Normal Delivery Date

4 Business days

Basic fee only


2 Business days

20% more


24 hours*

30% to increase

Example of delivery time and surcharge for original text (2000 words, 4000 characters)

Express delivery times on request

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Normal Delivery Date

Delivery time: 4 business days
Fee: Basic fee only


Delivery time: 2 working days
Charge: 20% more


Delivery time: 24 hours*
Charges: 30% more

Example of delivery time and surcharge for original text (2000 words, 4000 characters)

Express delivery times on request

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