Translation Services for Legal Administration and Law

Translation Services for Legal Administration and Law


Translation Services for Legal Administration and Law

Contracts and other legal documents use unique sentence structures, phrases, and legal terminology, so it is essential to have them translated by someone who specializes in this field. In addition, strict accuracy is required. Atglobal provides legal administration and law translation services by professional translators and native checkers with a wealth of practical experience.

Supported Services

Translation, native checking, and proofreading by translators specializing in legal and legal fields
Legal checks by legal experts (in partnership with major law firms)
Issuance of Certificate of Translation

Supported Fields

Various contracts

Business alliance/consignment agreements, M&A-related agreements, sales/trade-related agreements, sales/agency-related agreements, etc.

Trial-related materials

Legal complaints, judgments, procedural documents for executing arbitration rulings, trademark injunction lawsuits, etc.


Licensing documents, intellectual property (OEM) licenses, patent sublicenses, confidentiality agreements, etc.

Government and certificate-related

Affidavits to embassies, application documents for establishment of an overseas subsidiary or representative office, documents to be submitted for obtaining a visa, family register, various certificates such as marriage certificates, graduation certificates, etc.

Corporate law and regulations

Corporate Law and Regulations

Country Laws

Legal Provisions in Other Countries

Attention to Detail

Communicate fully with customers, accurately identify needs and insights based on interviews, and make proposals
Providing timely and tailored foreign language support by local expatriate staff (Vietnam) and native-speaking staff
Contribution to strengthening customers' competitiveness through speedy response
Provide professional advice and consulting for overseas expansion
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